Hello world!

Could it be that youth are not achieving because in 21st Century America, there’s no connection between school (education) and the world of work?  Stop for a minute – a century ago, everyone knew what “work” was……….the factory (bank, store, business, farm) was within walking distance of home.  The teacher, preacher, banker lived not too far w=away.  A student could see what the immediate world was like, even if their “place” wasn’t in it.

Shift to the present – the world of “work” is very separate from the world of “education”. In some neighborhoods, very little of the work world exists; maybe a fast food establishment or a gas station – no office buildings, manufacturing facilities, not even a bank – maybe the occasional post office.  Is it any wonder that many students just don’t see the connection?  Why stay in school without a purpose? Even in some more affluent areas, the connection between education and the “real world’ can sometimes be difficult to discern…..money is plastic or comes out of a slot; where is the effort that puts it in?

That’s what lead me on the path of “Real World”, connecting students with the outside, creating  interest and  excitement at a time (middle school) when some of the wonder of learning has dissipated and begins to take a back seat to the hormonal rages of adolescence.  Let’s bring it back…………

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3 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Laura Sigmon says:

    Very insightful.

  2. Good morning Linda:

    Congratulations and WELCOME to the “blogosphere!” I will be looking forward to your continuing connected real-world enlightenment efforts unfolding here. As you have pointed out the 21st Century silo (school) singularly can no longer provide the robust real-world relevance necessary for creating sophisticated critical thinkers, creators and innovators with an entrepreneurial passion. May the digital learning force be with you in these endeavors. Much continued success!

  3. Hi Linda,
    I left a comment last week, but I see that it is missing. Good luck on your blogging.

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