HIstory vs. ‘Heritage”?

Lately there’s been a lot of rhetoric (and some furor) over the Confederate Flag (more properly know as the  ‘battle flag’ of the Confederacy). There are those who want to keep the ‘Battle Flag’ (no, it’s not the official flag of the  Confederacy) as a symbol of “Southern Heritage”; forgetting that it’s the symbol of a war fought over the ‘right’ for human beings to be kept in bondage no matter where they may be, and to allow the spread of that institution into the western territories of the United States.  The Southern states left the Union of their own accord; they were not forced out – in some quarters that would be considered treason.

Now, for an update……in most states the “Battle Flag” wasn’t back in vogue until the 1960’s; so what was the real reason for the resurgence…………..(more to follow)

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